Visiting Us at About Smiles Kids, the Paediatric Dentist!

At About Smiles Kids, we provide a considerate and friendly environment for children. To help your child feel at ease during their dental visit, we have a dedicated treatment room with TV on the ceiling, an inviting play area with colouring books, kids TV and toys! Our paediatric dentists perform treatments in the most […]


Don’t Let Halloween Play Any Nasty Tricks on Your Teeth!

Halloween has now become a popular custom for children in Sydney. It’s a lot of fun, however it also increases their consumption of lollies and sugary treats, creating the potential for increase in cavities. More Sugar The increased sugar intake can lead to cavities as sticky sweets are likely to […]

General Anaesthesia for Children's Dental Treatment

What is General Anaesthesia for Children’s Dental Treatment?

What is General Anaesthesia for children’s dental treatment? General Anaesthesia is where your child is fully asleep for dental treatment and has no memory of the treatment.  Paediatric dentists recommend GA for long complex treatments in order to avoid the need for multiple visits to the dentist for your child. […]