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Children’s Dentist

About Smiles Kids is an affordable quality children’s dentist. We offer a considerate and friendly environment. To help kids feel at ease when visiting our paediatric clinic, we have a dedicated play area with colouring books, kids TV, toys and more!

Our children’s dentists at About Smiles Kids perform treatments in the most caring and gentle way possible. Among our staff we have a specialist paediatric dentist, general children’s dentists and dental hygienists. All clinicians are dedicated to treating and educating children about the importance of oral health. By building good habits early, we hope your child will have a lifetime of happy dentistry!

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Treatment Options with our Children’s Dentists

We have children’s dentistry covered! Common children dental appointments are for:

It is normal for children to be a bit reserved or even nervous when they visit a children’s dentist for the first time, but they don’t have to be! Before the appointment, give your child lots of encouragement in words they can understand (and put in a good word for us!). We will also ask you to note down what their favourite things are on the medical history form, this way you can trust us with breaking the ice at our first encounter!

If you think your child may require a little bit more TLC, let us know when booking an appointment. Our knowledgeable team will be happy to give recommendations and accommodate your needs. We can offer solutions for children who are particularly anxious, had a traumatic experience previously, have extensive cavities, or simply are too young to cooperate.

Similar to when your GP refers you to a Paediatrician, our Specialist Paediatric Dr Caroline Chung is the go-to if a child requires more specialised dental treatment. She is highly experienced in treating complex cases such as:


We want your visit to be a happy one! At your first visit, arrive a bit earlier so your child can relax and feel comfortable in their new dental home!

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Pictured above: About Smiles Specialist Paediatric Dentist Dr Caroline Chung and Dental Hygienist Selah Choi at our children dental clinic in Chatswood.