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Dental Care

Dentistry for Kids

We are dedicated to your child’s dental care and overall health. Browse a list of the most common dental procedures performed at About Smiles Kids.


Check Ups

About Smiles Kids Dental is dedicated to promoting good dental health for children, so that they can have the best chance of achieving a beautiful, healthy smile for life.


Teeth Cleaning

Effective teeth cleaning techniques and regular dental hygiene is an effective way to keep your child free from tooth decay and gum disease. At About Smiles Kids Dental, our patients are enrolled in a program where we see them every 6 months for an examination, clean and scale, floss, fluoride treatment and if necessary, x-rays.



Tooth extractions are dental procedures that involve removing a tooth from the bone socket. Some children may find this procedure to be scary and worry that it will hurt. By educating your child, you may relieve some anxiety surrounding the experience.



Children with baby teeth may require fillings if there is decay on the tooth surface. It is a good idea to have fillings on baby teeth to prevent disease progressing into the nerve which can affect future adult teeth.



Mouth guards are coverings worn over teeth, and often used to protect teeth from injury from teeth grinding and during sports.


Orthodontics (braces)

If dental crowding is noted in a young child, removable orthopaedic plates can be used from the age of six to eight years. Orthodontic braces may follow at a later stage in order to expand the dental arches or maintain premolar spaces, avoiding the need for dental extractions later on.


We know you want your child to have a positive experience at the dentist, so do we! We focus on building a long-term relationship with patients and parents, so your child can enjoy a lifetime of happy dentistry!

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