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Information for Parents

We understand that visiting the dentist can be a nervous experience for parents and our little pint sized patients! Below is a list of the procedures that take place on a typical visit to the dental clinic, to ensure your child is relaxed and aware of what to expect on a visit to About Smiles Kids. Read our information for parents below.


First visits

Before your child’s first dentist appointment, give them an idea what to expect by talking about it in words that they understand.


Dental emergencies

Accidents involving dental emergencies are a fact of life, especially for active kids. Should your child experience a dental injury, there are some steps you can take immediately to minimise discomfort and prevent further damage.


Dental care for babies

Dental care for your baby starts even before their teeth emerge and when they do, it is important to look after those teeth from the start. Baby teeth will allow an infant to chew their food, allow for proper jaw growth, assist in speech development and help adult teeth to grow into place properly.


Children with special needs

Children with special needs can have unique issues when it comes to caring for the health of their teeth, gums, and mouth. Your child may have dental problems as a result of their health condition or from medications or treatments they take.


Children requiring sedation

While dental procedures for children are completed using local anesthesia when necessary, there are times where sedation is required to ease the child’s discomfort and stress. Children who are very young, anxious, uncooperative, or require extensive dentistry with multiple appointments benefit from general anaesthesia.


Frequently Asked Questions

We have compiled all the frequently asked questions parents have about their children’s teeth and dental health care. If you have a question that isn’t answered in the faq please submit it here.