Permanent Teeth Growing In Behind Baby Teeth

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Permanent teeth growing in behind baby teeth –

It looks like my child has shark teeth, should I be worried?


It is not unusual for your child’s lower permanent teeth to appear behind the baby teeth, and a lot of parents become alarmed when they see this happen. In general, baby teeth will start to fall out between the ages of 5 and 7 and permanent teeth will start to come through. This is most commonly seen behind the lower front teeth.


Paediatric dental shark teeth

Permanent teeth growing in behind baby teeth is commonly known as shark teeth. Why? Because sharks have multiple rows of teeth!


How do permanent teeth replace baby teeth

As the permanent teeth start to erupt out of the gums, the roots of the baby teeth begin to dissolve and the baby tooth eventually falls out, allowing the permanent teeth to come into position.

In general, if the adult tooth is erupting behind the baby tooth it is only a matter of time before it naturally replaces it, hence no treatment is needed in the vast majority of cases.


What happens after the baby tooth falls out

When the baby tooth is lost the adult tooth will migrate forward into the vacant area, and this is a function of the tongue! The natural action of the tongue will help ‘push’ the adult tooth along into its correct spot.


What to do if a baby tooth wouldn’t fall out

If there is a stubborn baby tooth which has been wobbly for a while or causing some discomfort it can be a good idea to encourage your child to “wiggle” the loose baby tooth out with their tongue during the day to help speed up the process.

Permanent teeth coming through behind baby teeth is a normal process, however, you should visit the dentist if you have any concerns. Our clinicians can also assess if any crowding is present and ensure there is enough space for permanent teeth to come through.  Sometimes, if the baby tooth is taking too long to fall out, the dentist may have to assist by removing the tooth. This is a quick procedure and our clinicians are excellent in making your child feel comfortable and relaxed.


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